Brilliant or BS?

Host Your Own Virtual Game Night

Have a physical copy of Brilliant or BS? and want to play virtually with friends who don't own their own deck? You're in luck. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to play on the video chat service of your choice. 👍🏾

The fact that you own a copy of the game means you’re someone who makes excellent choices. It also means you have all the answers. Literally. 

That's why we're dubbing you the Shot Caller. 😎  You'll control the game, read the trivia questions, keep score and make sure everyone follows the rules. You won’t do any bluffing. 

(Click here to download a PDF version of these instructions.)


Before the game starts, instruct everyone to make their own A-B-C answer cards. Here's a printable version that you can download and share via email.

Don’t have access to a printer? Your friends can make their own A-B-C answer cards with good ol’ fashioned pen and paper. They can also use index cards or Post-Its. Just make sure whatever they use isn’t see-through. If the paper is too thin, they may have to fold it a few times.

This is also a good time to make yourself a cocktail or grab a beer🍸🍺  if you want to make this a drinking game. More rules on that below. 


STEP 1. Gather 4-6 friends and family members via a group video chat service like Zoom, Google Hangouts or Skype. 💻  

STEP 2. Choose one player to be the first Judge and decide the order in which the other players will take turns giving their explanations. This order should remain the same for the rest of the game. Hey, that rhymed!

STEP 3. Pick any trivia question from the pile and read it out loud. 

STEP 4. While the other players choose their answer, open the chat box and type the correct answer to the Judge. Make sure it’s a private message that only the Judge can see. Don’t screw this up. ⚠️

STEP 5. After everyone has made their choice, instruct them to hold up their card so that the letter is facing away from the camera. If players get tired of holding the card, it’s fine to tuck it in the brim of a hat or a shirt collar as long as the card is visible the entire time.

STEP 6. Players take turns explaining how or why they know the correct answer without saying which letter they chose or dropping any hints*. The Judge 👩🏽‍⚖️ interrogates each player and everyone is allowed to trash talk.

STEP 7. The Judge deliberates and announces who deserves the Brilliant and BS Cards. 

STEP 8. Players reveal their cards as described in the official game rules and points are awarded for receiving the Brilliant Card and for a correct answer. 

STEP 9. Tally the score 📋  and announce the points. You can download a scorecard here. 

STEP 10. Pick a different trivia question and read it out loud to kick off the next round. Then open the chat box and type the correct answer to the new Judge that round. Play continues until everyone has been the Judge twice. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins! 🏆

*If there’s a disagreement, the Shot Caller has the final say on whether or not to disqualify a player for saying any of the answers or dropping a hint during their explanation.


We’re all enjoying our fair share of wine during the quarantine. So why not make this a drinking game? Anyone who gets the BS Card has to drink. If the Judge makes a wrong prediction, they drink. If someone screws up and says any of the answers, drink! Sounds fun, right? What could possibly go wrong?! 🤷🏽‍♀️