How to Play Brilliant or BS?

1. The Judge

Each turn a different player (The Judge) reads a multiple choice trivia question from one of the 6 trivia categories. The remaining players answer secretly using their ABC response cards.

2. The Guessers

Without saying the answers, the remaining players take turns trying to convince the Judge that they answered correctly. They must explain how or why they know the answer...even if they're completely clueless! The other players can trash talk in an attempt to cast doubt on each other.

3. The Interrogation

The Judge interrogates the other players to try to figure out who actually knows the answer and who's only pretending to know. The Brilliant Card goes to one player the Judge believes chose the correct answer while the BS Card goes to one player they believe chose the wrong answer.

4. The Big Reveal

The player who receives the Brilliant Card scores 2 points for convincing the Judge even if they answered incorrectly. All guessers score 1 point for correct answers. After everyone reveals their answers, the Judge scores 1 point for each correct prediction and loses 1 point for each wrong prediction.

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