How to Play One and Done

1. Giving Clues

Show your team the fill-in-the-blank phrase on the front of the card. On the back of the card is an underlined secret word that completes the phrase to form a new compound word, expression or proper noun. Say one word to help your team guess the secret word. Your team gets one guess.

2. Set Backs

But beware! Each round both teams can wreak havoc by playing Set Backs. Things like – make your team's Clue Giver dance non-stop while giving clues, cancel points your team earned, or steal your team’s best player for the rest of the game. And many more!

3. Blank Out

Blank Out is a special type of Set Back. Before they can start their turn, the other team's Clue Giver flips over the top card of the Blank Out pile and has 60 seconds to work with 1 teammate to list 10 different words that complete the blank phrase. If unsuccessful, their turn is skipped!

4. Winning the Game

The first team to survive the Set Backs and sabotage to score 21 points wins the game!

Step by Step Instructions