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Brilliant or BS? Fresh BS Expansion Pack #1

Brilliant or BS? Fresh BS Expansion Pack #1

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This expansion pack has more of the family-friendly trivia you love. Mix these questions into your copy of Brilliant or BS? First Edition to keep the BS going. 


  • 54 trivia questions to add to your deck
  • Dimensions: 3.5" L x 2.5" W x 1" H tuckbox 
  • Weight: .2 lbs
  • NOT INCLUDED: ABC answer cards, Brilliant and BS Cards, Instructions. You can download printable versions for free or purchase the core game.
  • Shop all expansion packs here
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

We loved the game. It's great fun. Our family of all ages has enjoyed it. It brings out the creativity in people and is a hoot.

So fun!

We went through the original deck in 2 days, and it was a blast, so we obviously had to get the expansion pack to keep the game going! This is a new family fave for sure!

Excellent happy hour game

This game is prefect for a chill evening with friends and family. Have a beer, eat some snacks, and start BSing!

Edward Maiden
Brilliant or BS

We love this game. Every time we play it we laugh our a$$es off. Good gift for Christmas!!

Samuel Ayorinde
Amazing Game

Played the base game with some friends on game night and it became an instant favorite. Bought all the expansions after that. Worth every penny!

Great Family Game!

Our family loves games and Brilliant or BS is quickly becoming one of our favorites! We love that you don’t have to know the right answer, you just have to convince everyone else that you do! Hilarity has ensued multiple times every game we play! (my wife trying to “BS” without laughing is something special to watch) Thanks for creating and sharing your awesome game with us!

Ester Hartless
Awesome For Trivia Night

We enjoyed playin this game on and off our Podcast. There is a great assortment of questions for every topic. We also bought the expansion packs and can’t wait to play!


Is Brilliant or BS? safe to play with my family?

Yes. Brilliant or BS? is clean, family-friendly fun. We recommend ages 14+ due to the level of difficulty. However, the NSFW expansion pack is not family-friendly and will definitely make you blush. That deck is rated 18+ due to the mature content. 

Where can I read the official game rules/instructions for Brilliant or BS?

Instructions are included in each core game box and you can also download them here.

How do I get a Brilliant or BS? scorecard?

Example scorecards are included in each core game and you can click HERE to download a printable copy. Or check out our Excel scorecard that does the math for you! (Click HERE then go to your Download folder)

Can you play Brilliant or BS? with less than 4 people?

Yes. Check out our new 2-3 player rules HERE.

How do I get printable ABC cards and Brilliant and BS Cards?

Click to download. You'll need to print 1 set of ABC cards per player, 1 Brilliant Card and 1 BS Card.

Do you ship internationally?

We're currently only shipping to the USA.

Do you have to be good at trivia to enjoy Brilliant or BS?

Nope. The beauty of Brilliant or BS? is that you don't have to get any of the questions right to score points. You can win the game by being the most convincing or catching other people in their lies. 

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